Talio, llc

Welcome to Talio, LLC!

Talio is a company headquartered in Tampa, FL.  Our team has experience with clients ranging from start up companies to multinational enterprises. We are diverse enough to include high technology, healthcare, telecommunications, financial services, utilities, educational entities, and manufacturing industries.  We believe that these past experiences offer proof that Talio is the right partner for your next organizational project.

Why Talio?

Talio has an unparalleled bias toward objectivity, measurement and results. We do research to understand our clients' business objectives fully, and then join with them to achieve their goals through improved leadership, focus and operations.

We strive to bring each contract in on time and within budget. Our team members are highly motivated and focused, including having diversified backgrounds, which enables Talio to accept in good faith contracts of all manner and execute with precision.

What Next?

Give Talio's president Greg Thompson a call today and learn why partnering with Talio is the right choice!

Talio, llc is a disabled veteran primary government contractor.  It is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in their fields of expertise.  Make sure to look over our team's BIO's on the Team page.

Our team is ready to meet and exceed your organization's expectations.  We look forward to collaborating with you on your government organization's disabled veteran's projects needs.